Qwikchute NQD-F500S-5261

Qwikchute for Ferris 500s with 52 or 61 inch Deck

Part Number: NQD-F500S-5261
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FERRIS 500S 52 inch AND 61 inch DECK
Spec: Fits 61" Lawn Mower Decks
Models: FERRIS 500S 52” AND 61” DECK
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Qwikchute for Ferris 500s with 52 or 61 inch Deck

Genuine Qwikchute Chute Blocker for Ferris 500s with 52 or 61" Deck

Genuine Qwikchute Part # NQD-F500S-5261

— With a push of the wrist adjust the discharge chute to one of three settings:
  1. Mulching (Closed)
  2. Full Discharge (Open)
  3. Partial Discharge (Partially Open)

— Allows the operator to quickly adjust the discharge chute on-the-fly to obtain increased mowing speeds, maximum safety around pedestrians and vehicles, and clipping control around flower beds.

— Constructed of heavy gauge steel, powder coat paint finish, replaceable high impact plastic door plate.

May Fit Other Brands & Models Which May Not Be Listed Below.

Fits the Following Models:
  •   Ferris 500s with 52 or 61

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